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Warner Mt. Panorama

Welcome to the Lava Rock Ranch--home of uniquely original sculpture.
Utilizing TIG welded aluminum or bronze metals combined  with native lava rocks, Kay Minto has created a collection of sculptures ranging from serious explorations of concepts to humorous representations of prehistoric lava beasts.  Known locally as the "rock welder", Kay's sculptures have been widely exhibited nationally and internationally.

The silver puddle of aluminum glows luminous as I push the molten metal into the porous surface of rugged lava rock.  Welding rocks together was the culmination of an evolutionary journey that has unfolded a step at a time.
     In college, I worked primary in clay until taking an oxyacetylene class in welding.  Years later I spent a period of time carving stone.  A desire to combine stone and metal led to a series of ceramic shell castings combined with limestone.  The next step was--welding directly onto rock.  Experimenting with various samples, I discovered lava rocks tolerance for extremes of temperature, and expansion and contraction.
     I explore serious concepts in series such as Elements of Change, Impediments and Integuments.  To lighten up the atmosphere and keep my balance, I create prehistoric lava creatures or personalities named Walking the Dog, Saber-toothed Lava Tiger, or the Extinct and Endangered Lava Creatures.
     My work has been exhibited in museums, art centers, government buildings, and galleries.  A number of published articles have been referenced for those who are interested in learning more about the art and the artist.
     The last three years I have been building a studio (nearing completion) and a sagebrush sculpture garden which will feature, not only our native western plants, but also a number of  indigenous lava creatures.  Also nearing completion is a book, Portfolio, The Art of a Life.  I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of metal and lava.

Which Came First
1'2"h x1'1"d x10"w

Self-Confrontation and Kay

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